One Difficult Journey

The fear of losing her now has taught me

to be more appreciative,  more sensitive

and caring,  more sentimental too,

reminiscing our happy times together

when she was a lot stronger, journeying

with us,  loving us…appreciating life.

At her age (90 yrs in September),

finding a miracle cure has been ruled out.

Only an IV pain reliever pump is useful

till the final moment.  She doesn’t know yet,

But she feels it,  and she tells us…there is

no fear,  she is prepared…

And the assurance that her faith would

sustain her in this–her final journey

helps smoothens our fears,  gives us courage

and comforting peace.

10 comments on “One Difficult Journey”

  1. The assurance of faith makes all the difference! Blessings, Mark

  2. She isn’t leaving you. Your memories will find her everywhere. Bon courage!

  3. Wonderful woman, your mother (I suppose). My mother in the same condition, even worst, is 91 years old, no more present to us (alzheimer). It’s difficult to say words to you, because I understand your feeling. The best you can do is to satisfy her wish, collect photos, video, in order to remember.

    A big italian poet, Ugo Folscolo, in his poetry “The sepulchers”, starts with these words:

    This means: if you are dead, you are dead, even if someone cries on your tomb.

    I really do not agree. I think that when you are still alive to know that there will be someone wich will remember you after your death is of great consolation. We live to leave something, love first of all, and all concrete expressions of our intellect.
    Kisses, Giuseppe

  4. How lovely, and heartrending, Cynthia–sending prayers with my loving hugs today. God bless you all abundantly–love, sis Caddo

  5. Cynthia, this is beautiful and heart-wrenching, which I completely relate to..every word you penned sounds like my experience before my Mom passed away…at the end, she was very lucid and she asked when it will all be over and it was then that we knew she was ready…I don’t mean to make you feel worse, so I hope you’re okay; this is still raw for me and my family since it’s only been 3 months…anyway, I send you hugs, blessings and lots of support, my friend and sister…Lauren xoxo

    • Thank you Lauren, for sharing your own difficult journey and the pain that you’ve been through. I shall treasure your prayers for strength and spiritual support in these difficult and trying times my family’s into. Thank you from my heart!

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