Post-Eden Haiku

1.   Adam of Eden

Who ate the forbidden fruit

Reaped thorns,  weeds  and  death!


2.   Eve of Adam’s ribs

Garden pleasures waned on you

Wanting world’s wisdom!

11 comments on “Post-Eden Haiku”

  1. Your images are always the kiss of your artistic eye, but the Haiku that you softly blend together in soft embrace love makes it very breathtakingly beautiful! Thank for sharing!

  2. Part 1 is fine. Part 2: I really do not understand what you mean. Are you saying that the pleasures they took from the garden lead to wisdom?

    • What I mean here is “worldly wisdom.” From Genesis account we know that Eve was tempted by Satan, disguised as clever serpent to eat of the forbidden fruit. She ate and shared it to Adam, both chose to disobey God and reaped the consequences of the act. They gained worldly wisdom and the knowledge of good and evil, but lost their godly inheritance and right to paradise.

  3. Oh WOW, Cynthia–these are pure brilliance!! I really really enjoyed them–thank you, and God bless you Big! love, sis Caddo

  4. These are just beautiful, Cynthia, and perfect image to complement your words~love and hugs to ya, sis xo

  5. These are both brilliant!

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