Senryu: Soul-level Satisfaction

1.   More,  More,  More…  Always

Enough is never enough

No satisfaction…


2.   Counting our blessings

Is always a learned process

Never late to start.


3.   Lean times and good times

Soul-level satisfaction

Begins in the heart…

19 comments on “Senryu: Soul-level Satisfaction”

  1. We seem to have been thinking about the same issue when I posted “Victims Of Poverty” yesterday. Not the first time we have apparently been in resonance. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ben, glad to know I am in-sync with a great mind. my apology for delayed response…was overwhelmed with 4 sets of lovely new year puppies which I helped groom as presents for friends and willing recipients.
      I’ve been 3 blogging weeks delayed, hmmn, got to catch up…

  2. Your words are so true and ending with #3 is perfect..satisfaction beginning in the heart. You’re right in that it’s never too late to count our blessings and your photo looks delicious, Sis! Big hugs to you! ♥

    • Many thanks for your gracious comment, Lauren…It’s always a great joy counting blessings, even on special New Year Celebration marked with family prayers and good food, our “Media- Noche” tradition when this picture was taken.

  3. We are rich with the love and support of family.

  4. I love this. Much of the “never enough” comes from a hungry heart–once God fills that, the rest usually falls in place.

    • PS, that table looks scrumptious–could I have some of everything? And pass the Pringles please!

      • Lol, Mirada, you should come to our country which is noted for the longest and most intricate Christmas celebration in the whole world! This photo was taken on a New Year’s eve at my sister’s house, a celebration which our family marks with thanksgiving prayer, get-together, and dinner. Each member usually brings one or more of the favorite family menu, some fruits and desserts. Extra food is shared with neighbors, the helpers and the security guards.
        Here, my specialty is the sea-foods Paella. You are most welcome to join us!

      • Oh that sounds SO GOOD–I love seafood more than anything!!!

    • Thank you, Mirada, for your insightful comment…Be blest, for you are an inspiration and a blessing!

  5. well captured in your words , Cynthia, that contentment is the most fulfilling feeling 🙂
    groetjes, Francina xo

  6. true, the more there is the less we are satisfied…

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