Shine Brighter, Burn Bright this 2014!

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Jan 06 2014

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Shine brighter,  burn bright

Be a candle in the dark

But burn your light mindfully,

Trim your wick

To prevent potential hazard to others

Or cause a massive fire,


Keep away from direct drafts

That could cause uneven burning

Remove foreign objects

And dirt from your wax pool

To ensure a steadfast glowing.


Be aware that your light is your life,

You will melt as you burn

So strive for optimal burn-time,

Conserve your candle power and be wise,

Release your light when needed.


Shine brighter,  burn bright!

Your life is recorded in your glow,

You are an ally against darkness,

To contrast and meld shadows

To enhance positive changes

And create an atmosphere  of celebration

That could make any occasion

More than special.


Shine brighter!  Burn bright!

For this reason you were created,

Celebrate your own light,

Rejoice in the gift of life

Cheers!  Have a happy 2014

And many blessed light-years


19 comments on “Shine Brighter, Burn Bright this 2014!”

  1. A very clever development of the analogy.

  2. Every time I read your verses, you shine brighter to me and make me feel in peace with myself. Buon anno Cynthia

  3. Very meaningful message you delivered! I am thankful for the gift of the touch of your words today! You are a very radiant light to us all my sister! God bless you, Cynthia!

    • Thank you, Wendell, for your uplifting comment. It is my joy to have touched your heart with my special poem for New Year 2014. May the indwelling of His light be a blessing for us all.
      A blessed and bright 2014 to you!

  4. Bravo Cynthia! An excellent way to tell us to live an enlightened life and to be careful. Well done.

  5. WOW, this is good. I especially appreciate the cautionary parts. God bless you–love sis Caddo

    • Glad you enjoyed it, sis.
      Am enjoying the cool north-east wind from here, a respite from the awful monsoon rains that kept me from blogging. January is my best season to write.
      I also want to tell you how grateful I am for your friendship, and for staying with me last 2013. Thank you for the blessings of prayer, your kindest thoughts and support, and your most profound all-weather poetry. I wish you all the best and finest for 2014! Love and warmest hugs to you, my beloved friend and sister!

      • Oh my goodness, Sis–you have me teary-eyed. Isn’t God GOOD?!! You always have my all-weather prayers and love. In Seattle, we sometimes joke about monsoon rains when they’ve gone on for days and days–but you remind me that it’s no joke where you live. BIG FAT HUG to you!

  6. Very nice! Thanks for all of the likes

  7. A very important message expressed beautifully, Cynthia! Thank you for this reminder to begin our new year…you are truly a light to us, so keep shining, too, and looking forward to another great year of blogging, inspiration and friendship! Sending hugs and smiles to you, Sis! xoxo

  8. A lovely way to light the path into this New Year Cynthia!

  9. Though late but still wanna wish you a twinkling year..

    Peace & Light

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