The Worst is Over!

1.  The worst is over

Thank God Manila was spared

Pray for  survivors

The wounded and the homeless

There’s tremendous work to do!


2.  Grieving and hoping

Amidst great devastations

Let godly light shine

In these bleak and wide wastelands

This is the time to be kind.

18 comments on “The Worst is Over!”

  1. Such beauty here at your blog, in the midst of tragic devastation. Of course my prayers began earlier, I cannot imagine what it must be like. God bless you BIG dear Sis–much love, sis Caddo

    • Thank you sincerely for your prayers, sis Caddo. Manila and Northern Luzon provinces were spared of Yolanda’s fury. The devastation is beyond words to describe! I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if all of the provinces were hit simultaneously! I pray many more from the least affected municipalities and cities, especially Manila could send immediate help.
      Please be praying for the victims of this terrible deluge, and that nothing like this would happen again in my country and anywhere else in the world!
      God bless you too, dear sis…Love you BIG1


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  3. Prayers are definitely needed.

  4. Beautiful words, Cynthia, and I, too, have been praying since Yolanda’s beginning. I can’t even imagine what it’s like, but my prayers will continue…much love to you, too..xo

    • Thank you for the prayers, sis Lauren… yes, it was terrible! Thank God we were spared, probably so we could help the unfortunate victims. Kindness and empathy, brotherly love and unity had reigned in people’s hearts who care..
      There’s tremendous work to do but i believe kindness and good will would surely go a long way.
      Hugs and many blessings, dear Lauren!

  5. “This is the time to be kind.”


  6. Life is so precious…makes you wonder why people sweat the small stuff!

  7. Cynthia, I am so glad that you and your family are okay! God bless you always my dear sister!

    • These are difficult times indeed, Wendell. We live by God’s grace, and do our part in helping those in need. Thank you for the prayers of blessings. Friends like you are precious gifts to me in this blogging community. I could only be grateful for the blessing of friendship.

  8. I have been ill and had problems with my other site foreverpoetic…the new one is! A long story, but things are also better now. Hugs and blessings!

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