The Story of Light: A Wish for Brighter Days Ahead

The story of Light

Is as a lighted candle

That first flicker of light

Day 1 when we were born.


One simple candle

Then birthday after birthday

Lights one after another

Celebrating an ever expanding

Reach of light

Charming and magical

When we think about it…


As the candles lit up

Everyone releases the promise

Of warmth and joy

And that special bonding hope

Made brighter by sharing

One’s light by

Overcoming darkness…


A blooming of fellowship

And joy of friendship

A glimpse into a distant future

Of moving close to Home

When our tasks on earth is done.


So burn gently and brightly

But don’t burn out of your time

Where there is darkness

Reach out

And share the light

Inspire others

Let perfect friendship bloom!.

Enjoy the time of your life

Have many happy birthdays

And blessings and more

Brighter days

And years to come!

16 comments on “The Story of Light: A Wish for Brighter Days Ahead”

  1. The thoughts, the words. A lovely piece of writing.

  2. Isn’t this lovely! Cynthia, the picture makes me want to join this celebration and say, “wait for me, please!” God bless you abundantly–love, sis Caddo (It always makes my day so much brighter to read your posts, see your beautiful face.)

    • You are most welcome to the party sis Caddo, as this photo presents a cheerful and cheery celebration of life and friendship! I celebrate you, dear Sis, and all my blogging friends who have created a new level of dimension to the blogging community where we belong.

  3. Very beautiful, Cynthia, your words, your sentiments and your photo! Much love to you, my friend. xoxo

    • Thank you, Lauren, for your wonderful comment…The photo is laden with good and happy memories of a celebration of life and friendship–of my Mom’s last trip across the globe when she turned 80 years. We were a happy entourage to complement her special day.

  4. Blessed and Beautiful – have a fantabulous weekend!

  5. The words that you bring to life are always like a sweet serenade…I am always enthralled by your words Cynthia…a very inspiring post… hugs and blessings to you always my beloved sister!

    • Thank you, bro.Wendell, for your kind comment. The special photo here brings plenty of beautiful memories of my Mom’s 80th birthday celebration in Loreto,Italy. This image inspired me to compose a poem celebrating her life, and everyone else’s who regards life with high value and appreciation.

  6. Cynthia, so utterly loving! A birthday must be a real celebration there! If it is your birthday, Joyeux Anniversaire et Happy Birthday! 🙂

    • Thank you, Lea, my birthday comes next month, but your greetings are a happy preparation and countdown to the real thing for a birthday fanatic like me.
      Sending warm regards and big hugs your way from across the globe!

  7. very lovely , Cynthia. A day to cherish and embrace.
    hugs xxxxx

  8. Hi Cynthia, very sweet poem. You caught my eye with a comment you put up on a blog sharing your family’s love of trees. Hope you enjoy:


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