New Post: Breathing In…Breathing Out

Breathing out all stress

Breathing in the luxury

Of some fun and rest

Smelling flowers by the hills

Trekking, enjoying nature.

11 comments on “New Post: Breathing In…Breathing Out”

  1. Ooooh, I LOVE a poem about breathing–sometimes I think I forget to do it!!

  2. Love it, Cynthia! Inspiring to get out and enjoy life! Hugs to you!

  3. Your image and your words make for a very enchanting moment. I am made so happy by breathing in the happiness that I see within you again. It is wonderful to see your heart and spirit smile again. Have a blessed weekend Cynthia, love, hugs and blessings always my sister!

  4. We all need time to smell the flowers indeed. To on-stress. very well worded.
    hugs, Francina .. may you have many of these moments xxx

    • Thank you, Francina, enjoying nature is always a delight for me. This photo was taken at Mt.Iraya in Batanes–a still active volcano which created many tiny islands far north of the Philippines. It could still erupt at any given time.

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