New Post: Frozen Shadows (In Memory of my 2 Beloved Moms)


Frozen Shadows

(In Memory of Mama Rosita R. Alfonso-  09/16/22 – 07/21/2012

A Dentist,she gave up her career to be a full time Mom

and Mommy Luz M. Katon-  12/22/16- 11/20/1999

She was one of my country’s pioneers in the field of Education)


Sunrise and sunset

Summer shifts into fall

Embers turn into ashes

Gentle rain like teardrops

Dampens the thirsty planet

Memories and frozen shadows

In winter lie buried in the snow

Through a cold and lonely

Many sunsets beneath

A lonely hollow earth.


Sunrise and sunset

Frozen shadows sleep in peace

Pain free and tranquil essences

Resting securely in His grace…

23 comments on “New Post: Frozen Shadows (In Memory of my 2 Beloved Moms)”

  1. Beauty and serenity I sense in this.

  2. That’s a beautiful memory 🙂 wonderful words 🙂

  3. Very beautiful and awesome poem my sister. I am feeling the emotion in your words and moved greatly deep within. I know that they smile within your heart everyday, as I know you were always a sweet and dear blessing to them both! Spiritual love, hugs and blessings to you always Cynthia!

  4. Such beautiful words and tribute to them both, Cynthia, and they were blessed to have you as their daughter, too. Much love to you, my sister…xoxo

  5. Oh Cynthia, this is so lovely–I especially like the last stanza–beautiful, reverent imagery. God bless you BIG today–love, sis Caddo/Cj (And I really really love the photos too!)

  6. What a beautiful picture.

  7. beautiful with so much love written tribute , dear Cynthia. Precious photo.
    many hugs an love from across the miles xxxxxx

  8. What a lovely tribute to your moms!

  9. God Bless You – she was a beautiful woman who lives in your heart and memory!

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