Haiku: Dreaming Big (Featuring the U.P. Oblation)

Young man dreaming big

Hopes eternal, holding moon

With his fingertips!

14 comments on “Haiku: Dreaming Big (Featuring the U.P. Oblation)”

  1. Oooh, wonderful, Cynthia–God bless you Big!!

  2. OK, that was beautiful.

    • Quite beautiful, Jacqui, my friend caught this fantastic sight with his camera during a full moon which coincided with the recent commencement exercises of the UPLB. Inspiring enough for a haiku match!  

  3. The moon in our hand as symbol of our hopes. Brava Cynthia!!

  4. this is truly beautiful, Cynthia! excellent ku
    love and hugs, Francina xxxxx

  5. Beautiful words of hope, Cynthia! Many hugs to you, dear sister! xo

  6. We do hold life in our hands. Sorrow is in what so many choose to do with that life… Great post Cynthia!

  7. Life is precious, Lea, and there’s only one for each. Sad to say, many fail to see their reason for existence, but simply pass on.
    Have a happy weekend ahead!

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