New Post: (Tanka)- The Parable of the Rich Fool

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Nov 01 2012

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Category: Poetry, Tanka, Wit Humor Satire


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(From Luke 12: 16 to 21)

1.  Thus the rich fool said

my soul,  eat, drink, be merry

you’ve goods a-plenty

that night he had heart attack

his serfs enjoyed his bounty!


2.  Be rich toward God

lay up treasures in heaven

help others in need

be on your guard against greed

life is more than worldly goods…

10 comments on “New Post: (Tanka)- The Parable of the Rich Fool”

  1. Such illuminating words of widom, alive within them is an everlasting treasure! Beautifully done Cynthia!

  2. Of course, I LOVE these, Cynthia!! The Blue is so Beautiful–and I’m so uplifted to see you again, this sis misses you!! God bless you Big–love, sis Caddo

    • Thank you, sis Caddo… I did miss you and my blogging friends too, but our internet service was down for a couple of weeks. Glad my Android phone comes handy, I could read all your poems but couldn’t press “like” or even comment. Yesterday, my daughter informed me our technician has done some trouble- shooting, and it was a success. Hurray!

  3. missed your lit-thoughts..

    Peace & Light

  4. life is more than worldly goods…

    It is indeed, Cynthia. Much enjoyed reading your two wonderful poems. Lovely to read you again.
    groetjes, Francina

    • Thank you, Francina. I really have a lot of catching up to do. I am about 3,000 messages behind after almost 3 weeks of internet service failure. Glad it’s been restored, so I could post my works and read yours again 🙂

  5. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are in the midst of a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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