Leading Us Through the Maze

She is on the brink of leaving us now,

almost bidding us farewell as she

reaches the near end of the finish line.

But,  I would be happier for a little

more time to spend with her,

To hear her laughter like when she

leads us through the maze and puzzles,

To cook her favorite meals on those

Sunday dinners we spend together.

But even her taste buds are fading

away fast,  Gobbled up by this insatiable

Monster feeding upon her cells.

Silently,  she bears the pain and manages

to smile  and look her best whenever

I visit and kiss her softly on the forehead.


I shall cherish the little tugs and squeezes

From her still warm hands for as long as,

Or for whatever little more time is left.

24 comments on “Leading Us Through the Maze”

  1. Awww…beautiful, Cynthia, and I can relate wholeheartedly…that’s all you can do is cherish those little tugs and squeezes she gives you. She’s lucky to have a wonderful, loving daughter as you, too! My prayers are with you and your family, my dear sister and the photo is just lovely, too~xoxo

  2. beautiful , bittersweet and poignant poem, Cynthia. Ciao, Francina xox

  3. It is a very beautiful thing to capture mother’s smile! She seem like she had a wonderful time! Moments like this will hold on to your heart so tightly! My prayers are with her, you and your family. To see her smile with my own eyes was a blessing today! thanks so very much Cynthia!

  4. Lifting you up in prayer to our Great Comforter and Healer of the Heart–God bless you, Cynthia–your loving sis, Caddo

    • Thank you, Caddo, I do believe that prayers are pouring in from you and everyone of my friends out there, know that I cherish the comforting prayer of peace that lifts me up in this trying journey. God bless you so, my beloved sis!

  5. This brought a lump to my throat Cynthia. This is not something any parent should ever have to bear!

    • Thank you, Amrita, but even my family is puzzled why she would be stricken with pancreatic cancer. You see, she never smoked, never took any alcoholic drinks, but watched carefully her diet, and lived a simple life. She doesn’t deserve this kind of painful ailment.

  6. So beautiful and sad. xoxo

  7. Letting go is one of the most difficult demands of love.

  8. Dear Cynthia, This is holy ground and time, as you so lovingly write…Sending love to you and yours…Ellen

  9. This is the poem I never wrote for my grandmother.
    Beautiful, Ms. Cynthia. And even that is an understatement.

    • Thank you, Addie, nobody is immuned to the pains, pangs and griefs of loved ones’ departure. We could only cherish the pleasant memories and the love that was profoundly shared, and look forward with hope to a better place the Lord promised to prepare for us.

  10. Oh, so heart wrenching….

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