(New Post)- Celebrating One Year of Word Play @ WordPress.com

Writer at word play

Listening for overtones

Of each tumbling word

Choosing,  discarding,  shaping

Voila!  A new WordPress poem!


It’s been a year of joy and meaningful friendship for me here at  WordPress.com.  Let me mark this milestone with  heartfelt thanks to all of you my treasured blogging friends who have inspired me with your  “likes”,  follow and comments,  and gifted me with your awards!

I penned the poem below for all of us whose heart,  mind,  and pen desire to create sanity and meaningful values in our poetic journey on this planet earth.


Let us be pure poets

Embracing the sacred truth

In soul,  form  and mind

Stirred by beauty,  truth  and light

Penning words in black and white!


I love you all!

God bless you in your journey!



20 comments on “(New Post)- Celebrating One Year of Word Play @ WordPress.com”

  1. Congratulations! Now back to work as we expect more great things from you. 🙂

  2. You have an amazing blog Cynthia! I generally just lurk, but I thought I’d congratulate you today. Keep up the brilliant work 🙂

  3. I have been blessed with your friendship in this blog world, and i find such tranquility in what you share from your heart and spirit here within your site. The blessings have always mutiplied, becoming daily endless waves of inspiration! Thanks for always inspiring all with your words and their beauty!

    • You are an awesome friend, my brother Wendell! Your spirit behind your writings and wonderful comments has blest many of us with your kind, reciprocating love that always inspires, comforts and gives peace. God bless you always, my friend!

  4. Congratulations, Cynthia, and I am so happy to be “blog sisters” and to have the opportunities of being inspired and touched by your beautiful soul and poetry~continue this journey of light! With love and hugs, Lauren xx

    • Thank you Lauren, know that I am grateful for your friendship, and the joy and inspiration that you always share, touching me and all of us here at the blogosphere! I thank God for your gift of friendship!

  5. May this be simply the first of many. 😀

  6. I LOVE your poetry, Cynthia (and YOU)–and this picture is so ELEGANT!! My goodness–so beautiful, is that your home? God bless you abundantly today, and always. (I had to drive the “long way”, to get here–still leery of comment/spam/blog issues…but I DID get here, PTL!!) love, sis Caddo

    • Thank you, Caddo ,for your heart-warming comment! This was taken at Waterford Gresham Royal Marine Hotel during my visit to Ireland. I wanted to gift myself with a red carpet treatment on this– my first anniversary so I chose this perfect photo as complement. PTL indeed your precious comment got here! Know that I cherish your friendship and I thank God for making you a blessing to all of us with your fun wit and endearing charm! Love, hugs, joy and blessings come your way always, my dear sis! 🙂

  7. Love it! Happy Blogversary 🙂

  8. Hey Cynthia! I know you’ve got all these awards already but I still nominated you. This is from one of your fans 🙂

  9. Thank YOU for your poetry/photography combinations that I love so much 🙂

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