The Rock of Cashel Tanka

1.   The Rock of Cashel

Ireland’s most spectacular

Mysterious beauty

Elegant spiritual grace

Destroyed brutally!

2.   Saint Patrick preached here

During the 5th century

Converted pagan

Aengus,  the King of Munster

Thus begun the Irish faith!

3.   It spans centuries

From Pagan Kings to High Kings

From Kings to Bishops

From Saint Patrick to Cromwell

Legend,  history  and  strength!

21 comments on “The Rock of Cashel Tanka”

  1. Another beautiful picture! I will get to The Emerald Isle one day…

  2. Wonderful and informative Tankas, Cynthia, and awesome photo! xoxo

  3. Interesting and beautiful. Lovely photo!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to the myth of Aengus. Beautiful castle, as beautiful are your words. You are fantastic, Cynthia.

  5. Grazie, Giuseppe, I love history and beautiful places like you do. Did you know that this Rock of Cashel is also considered as a “thin place”? Cashel means stronghold, and it bears glorious and tragic history, spiritual elegance, faith, religion and bloodshed.

  6. Oh Wow, Cynthia! So beautiful, and I enjoyed the mini-history lesson. I love castles so much and your lovely face is a gorgeous compliment to the regal scene! God bless you, Sister–love, sis Caddo

  7. What a beautiful place, even in ruins!

  8. Very beautiful Cynthia! I love the great shot of the castle!

  9. Wow, lucky you to have been to such a wonderful place!

  10. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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