Fenced Haiku

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

May 24 2012

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Category: haiku


Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

1.   Fences partition

Divide  from the outside world

Edit views beyond!


2.   Heart likewise is fenced

For those pained and untrusting

Private ground,  keep off!


17 comments on “Fenced Haiku”

  1. Worldly confines can be a hinderence to a more beautiful life…trust is the foundation that leads to a freedom to love, though imperfect sometimes, love opens one’s heart and mind to a more perfect enjoyable harmony that when shared can provide the freedom to live fully, bringing down the fence and setting the heart, mind and spirit free! A lovely Haiku whose message speaks untold volumes!

  2. Lovely…and I love what Wendell said too. Amazing photo. Blessings, Ellen

  3. EXCELLENT!! Cynthia, I was wondering if you’d mind if I emailed you? Thought I’d ask politely, before taking liberties! God bless you abundantly today–love, sis Caddo

  4. Beautiful – thank you! And the photo is also amazing. I just thought of the Bible verse that says we have to guard our heart very carefully… and also that this is how our gracious God protects us. Thank you and God bless you.

  5. really good, perceptive, i like it!

  6. Beautiful photo and haiku… finally catching up on blogs again. Phew! Thanks for your patience. 🙂

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