New Post: Lose to Win? Play Domino (But this is more than a game, This is also a Poem)

Has anybody played Dominoes?

To win you must lose everything!

The player who first gets rid of all

His Domino blocks win!

You give to get,  you lose to gain

And be reduced to nothing!

Very interesting!

The insight here is so unlike

The “Get all you can,  mine-ing principle”

Of the Man of the World– the Big Boss

Who gets the most toys for the Big Boys!

The one with the fattest bank account or

The most number of banks, the one who

Outscores everyone,  with the most home runs,

With the highest innings,  who downs all

Opponents from Day 1,  the Undisputed Champion,

The American Idol,  the Consummate Winner!

And the number 1 in Forbes’ List of Wealthiest!

The Richest Man who ever lived  (it’s not Bill Gates

Nor Warren Buffett) to date,  who excelled more

Than all who were before him,  nor anyone who

(I believe)  would come after him in gold,  silver

And in grand palaces, or in the number of wives

And concubines  (yes, it’s King Solomon) made his

Declaration in the book of the Preacher in Ecclesiastes 2: 10-11

“Whatever my heart desired I did not keep from them.

…I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure…

Then I looked on all the works that my hand had done,

And on the labor in which I had toiled… All was vanity

And grasping for the wind!  There was no profit under the sun!”

Conclusion?  With all that tremendous wealth,  Nothing

Satisfied the hunger and craving in his soul!

His Prescription?  “Remember now your Creator in the days

Of your youth (Ecclesiates 12:1)… Fear God and keep His

Commandments for this is man’s all” (Ecclesistes 12:13).


Has anybody played Dominoes?

It is an unusual game!

Jesus declared in His teachings  “Unless a grain of wheat falls

Into the ground and dies,  it remains alone!” (John 12:24)–

Meaning:  kept in the sack or bin,  this grain will just mold

And rot away,  but thrown into the ground or planted in the

Soil,  it will bear fruits a hundredfold!


Has anybody played Dominoes?

You give to get,  you lose to gain,

To win you must lose everything!

What an unusual game!

16 comments on “New Post: Lose to Win? Play Domino (But this is more than a game, This is also a Poem)”

  1. Your precious words of knowledge move my heart to such joy…when i was young my three most favorite books were Psalms, Proverbs, and the Songs of Solomon! So you touched on what i learned when i was young to gain much from the world always taking and receiving means nothing, but to give is so much better than to receive…so i give everyday in everyway…and if it moves one spirit closer to knowing the love i know…then i will rejoice, for The Lord has won and not ” I”, for really, the self within had to die to free my spirit to love! Beautiful poem the life giving words with dominoes as an example treinforces what the Lord said…give away all you have letting yourself be free from wordly snares and follow me, finding the true treasure of life!

  2. Thank you Wendell, such knowledge can only be gained from personal life experiences, and how well you learned your lessons. In all these is the option to embrace what you consider as treasures beyond sky, or to choose temporal worldly wealth for a lifetime. Like you, I have found that treasure and I’m keeping it.

  3. Oh this is SO marvelous–I love it, Cynthia. It’s a great reminder, and the timing is perfect for me–thank you!! God bless you with more to give.

  4. I love the anaolgy to the game of Dominoes. I play the game with my mother whenever I am home in Scotland with her. She has dementia, but with a little help she can still play a game of dominoes now and again.

    • There are games learned from childhood and youth which are imprinted in the mind and can never be forgotten. It’s good to know you and your Mom still relish playing this game which I am just beginning to enjoy! 🙂

  5. Wonderful post Cynthia…I’ll have to look into the game of Dominoes. Sounds fun! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Good post on this game and the way you took it a step further. It’s a fun game indeed , Cynthia . I have played Domino , not lately though.

    Ciao, Francina

  7. So true – I really believe the whole carpe diem philosophy has set us back a bit since the emphasis is on individual wants instead of on giving back and giving to others.

  8. In my queue of planned posts is one about collaborative Scrabble. This piece of yours has just nudged it a few places up the queue. 🙂

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