Odd Patterns (For Victims of Domestic Violence)

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Apr 27 2012

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Category: Domestic violence


Focal Length:44mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60


Those dark patterns

The mood shifts predictably unpredictable

Regardless of my self-worth

Violated seventy times seven.

Your high to low swings

And sudden vice versa

Targeted myself as effective object

Always an illegitimate vent

To your malevolent unreasons.

The many lashes you inflict

My shoulders a vulnerable target

A heavy cross that cannot be lightened

Would today be better dealt with on my terms

While I put down the wearying cross

And smash the whiplash

To let you view face to face

Your self-styled frustrations!


Amazing and definite

How a stroke of pen

Could draw an end to those patterns!

17 comments on “Odd Patterns (For Victims of Domestic Violence)”

  1. Beautiful strong but sad poem on a difficult issue, Cynthia, very well written one. The ending line says it all , that is the key. There are too many in our world who can relate to your poem.

    Ciao, Francina

  2. Really beautiful. I like the “predictably unpredictable” part. Also the ending with the stroke of a pen shows how writing can be so healing.

  3. Wow, this is powerful, Cynthia–painful and amazing. God bless you, dear sister–love, sis Caddo

  4. I admire people who can write about such topics, I personally find it difficult! Well done! It’s a sad poem, but the emotions are presented good enough to touch one’s heart and think about it!

  5. Like Domestic Violence, the poem lets you know, you can only expect the un-expected. It is a malignancy that spreads to all those witness it. You can be an observer without being affected. The cycle continues until someone has the courage to stop it.
    Silence only fuels the fire. Thanks for speaking out.

  6. Hi Cynthia,

    I have nominated you for multiple awards . To find out more about the awards, please visit


    Ciao, Francina

  7. This is so beautiful, Cynthia, even though, sad, on a very sad issue. I wrote a poem awhile back, if you’d like to read, on the same subject, but in more of a story form. Here is the link: http://lscotthoughts.com/2011/12/02/invisible-love/.
    I’ve never experienced this and I don’t know anyone who has, but my heart goes out for those in abusive relationships, so I was inspired to write about it. Hugs and Blessings to you this evening! xo

  8. So many suffer in silence.

    • Men, too, are not exempted, but not too many of them.

      • Certainly emotional abuse afflicts many men but they do not like to admit it, not even to themselves. Or at least this is what I have observed over the years. I have never been able to decide though which is the most painful and debilitating in the aftermath of abuse, physical or emotional. Perhaps it differes for different individuals.

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