Tanka for Earth Day — (Choose Your World)

1.   We are Earth’s flowers

Blooming where we are planted

Yielding sweet fragrance

Growing mild,  wild or carefree

Sharing splendor with the grass.


2.   Coal,  hydrocarbons

Emissions suffocating

Acid rain cauldrons

Blackening the screaming sky!

Can’t breathe!  Take me out of here!

15 comments on “Tanka for Earth Day — (Choose Your World)”

  1. Can I have number one, please? Seriously, well done.

  2. As life is being destroyed, are we not ourselves affected more and more? I like your last time, “can’t breathe! Take me out of here. Love the write!

  3. Beautifully said! Thank you.

  4. I especially love that first one, Cynthia–and I could almost physically feel the 2nd, your imagery is striking.

  5. Both are wonderfully written with beauty and emotion, Cynthia! xo

  6. The planet is self-correcting; though not without pain, I fear.

  7. My wicked sense of humour pulls up: “oil tanka?” Feel free to groan.

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