HOMECOMING 2012 (PNS ’72 Ruby Anniversary)

I have to stop short at the corner

where the school zone’s Do Not Blow Horn! sign

merges with the Loading and Unloading Only.

I have to shake my head and my mind off

memories dust four decades today

when with bright eyes like stars and merry

hearts ruby-red and brilliant like fresh blood

proffered as oblation to Alma Mater beloved.

Some emptied now,  others filled and fulfilled

beneath the turned-up blue or white-colored

collars we wear.  Still others hanging on

or grasping in the airless deep for that yet

Impossible Dream we fancyand hanker about.

Mile upon mile we come home to visit,  and stop

momentarily back at the old provincial past,

scanning the horizon for glimpses of old homes,

and the ghosts of parents and teachers to embrace.

And classmates too,  close to our hearts who went

on recess and never made it back.

We shared joy,  we shared fun,

we have a blast of memories to bring home…

And proceed again tomorrow  not yet to stop

but to move on steadily,  or glide along gracefully,

or  hang on tenaciously,  and hopefully

not to fall,


8 comments on “HOMECOMING 2012 (PNS ’72 Ruby Anniversary)”

  1. I enjoyed that. I think most of us have some sort of alma mater to go back to and you’ve captured the feeling. Thank you for posting it.

  2. thank you again for visiting my blog,am back to it after a homecoming visit to my old province spending time with my batch mates who came from across the globe. I will be visiting every one’s blog here which i missed lately. PS:am the lady with a hat on 3rd from left.

  3. Beautiful post, bringing back memories to mind…

  4. Cynthia, this is a lovely poem depicting wonderful memories so poignantly~These lines were beautiful:

    and the ghosts of parents and teachers to embrace.

    And classmates too, close to our hearts who went

    on recess and never made it back.” these bring back memories for me, as well, of peers “who never made it back.” It’s very sad and profound…lovely writing! And your photo is awesome; love your photo and hat! 🙂

  5. Thank you Lauren for your kind words of support and encouragement to me and my co-bloggers, i could almost touch your warm hands of friendship in every comment you make : )

  6. Well conjured! 🙂

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