By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Feb 19 2012

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Category: Friendship, My Poems and Garden


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

DEAR FRIEND,  i forgot your name.  Can i ask it
again from you?  This time i promise i will never
forget it.  I might have forgotten it, but the shape
of your face, the memory of the smile you gave
me, the sound of your voice, that melancholy
look in your eyes, all that you'd been during that
first time we had crossed each other's path have
been clearly etched in the camera of my mind.

Strange how very like  friendship is to a flower in
the forest-woods.  There it was,  so delightful to
look at in the strange quietness of that dreary
mountainside.  The encounter was rather
unexpected.  I attempted to approach you,  or...
was it your attractiveness that compelled me with
a strong un-explainable force to be drawn to you
without me knowing it?  Then face to face we found
out  it was a wonderful discovery we have made.
I knew it was,  (that particular moment which has
glued us to each other was a revelation in itself).
Although i could never have fully known the
impression i'd made on you,  i could only deduce
it was pleasant.

Did you know i wanted very much to pick you and 
possess you so i could carry you with me as i 
traveled down that dark woods?  But to do it would 
be to claim your life which i hate to.  I thought 
perhaps some wayward traveler might also come upon 
you and experience a restoration of his weary soul, 
as your beauty and fragrance had done in my own.  
I could only possess you in the admiring recesses 
of my soul.

Farewell now, my Friend.  I very much hate to
leave you but a long journey still awaits me.
Who knows, perhaps we might still chance upon
each other's life sometime in some different
kind of world?

6 comments on “Awareness–Friendship”

  1. I love the idea that this poem stirs in my head: That at least once in a while, we should try to slow by someplace and pause to admire everything around us.

    Very lovely, Ms. Cynthia.

    • Thank you Addie for the comment and the suggestive idea of savoring and appreciating the beautiful things around us in just quieting down. I did this recently on a getaway break from my regular itinerary here, visited my old province for an alumni homecoming, savored the sea and its bounty (you see i’m a seafood lover), visited natural and man-made gardens, talked with the myna birds and the parrots, admired the strutting blue peacock trying hard to impress a disinterested peahen. But time just flew fast and now I’m back, but i feel recharged all over.

  2. Perfect! I love lobsters,prawns and the local alimasag- yummy!

  3. Such a beautiful poem, a soothing conversation with a living jewel of nature! It reminds me of one i wrote which i would like to share with you that i think you will enjoy!

    “The Tree”

    I often wonder if you feel
    the warmth of my love inside
    If you feel that you are a true joy
    and a necessity daily to my life

    For i long for you to feel special
    and also know that i need you so
    I want you to feel that special love
    that only the best of friends do know

    For within I share a sweet passion
    that only you did place inside
    Never asking for anything in return
    only wanting me to stay by your side

    For you have never turned away
    No, not from me a single day
    Always embracing me with your friendship
    as i did lounge lovingly in your shade

    And i thank my God above each day
    for the times we are allowed to meet
    As your friendship is a valued treasure
    that in my heart I will always keep.

    Wendell A. Brown
    Copyright April 2010
    from “I Want And Need You Now”.

  4. Thank you Wendell, your poem is a treasure itself, a testament to a living friendship warm and giving, it’s very beautiful!

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