Passionate Love

Touch me gently,

no, not yet.

First, let me feel the exquisite

ecstasy of the moment

when only our hearts and souls speak

as lovers entranced and enthralled

in the wonderment and timelessness

of this brief passionate impulse

when our nearness together thrills us

to touch and taste the magic

of enchantment in one approaching

delicate, unguarded moment.

Ah touch me now my Love.

touch me quickly!

and let me drown in the essence

of your throbbing kiss.


as we delight luxuriously

in the finality of closeness,

we fill our hungry souls

with the sweet intricate

wildness of one empowering,

consuming togetherness,

in one brief,

passionate, ecstatic

                      g  moment.

2 comments on “Passionate Love”

  1. well done Cynthia nice to see your still writing great poetry i have new site on here aswell as my normal one myheartsingspoetry is my new one

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