Season Of Hope And Cheer

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Dec 20 2011

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We mortals generally believe in two worlds

–two parallel universes.  One consists of concrete,

glass, and steel, business suits, woolen clothes, brief cases,

and supersonic jets;  bullet trains, cottony white shirts

and faded blue denim jeans;  computers, LCD’s and LED TVs.

This one smells of freshly-ground espresso, pancakes,

donuts, bacons, hotdogs, hamburgers and steaks.

This is the material cosmos—our world in a lifetime.


The second consists of angels, and demons, and spiritual

forces in heavenly places.  The invisible somewhere out

there celestial spheres called heaven and hell.

We inhabit earth—our material world.  Born and bred

as earthlings we eat, work, play, make love, reproduce,

make war, make peace, make friends, grow old, and then

expire in a process called death.


By faith or consciousness we believe in the invisible universe

—heaven and hell, God and the devil,  angels and demons.

What we do with our lifetime’s choices and actuations

determine our next destination.

Did we live responsibly?

Did we help the needy?

Did we forgive our enemy?

Did we honor or did we ignore our Creator?


2,000+ years ago in a small town in Judea, in a sleepy

village called Bethlehem (Luke 2:8-14),  the two universes

came together realigned when the Lord of both worlds

descended to live by the rules of our own.

He became one with us—the Immanuel (Matthew 1:23)

by assuming flesh and blood, and accomplished to

someday resolve all discords in both worlds (John 1:10-18).


We celebrate this event as Christmas in honor of Jesus,

the Christ who came down  from heaven to a humble

manger  born of a virgin (Luke 2:8-14), to proclaim the

Good News of God’s love, hope and salvation, making

it possible for earthlings to inhabit Heaven.

He did not want us to share Hell—the place He has

Prepared for the Devil and his cohorts.

He suffered an ignominious death fit for a criminal

On Calvary’s Cross, then from the dead rose victorious

To prove His eminence over death (John 11:25).


Changing B.C. to B.C.E., or A.D.  to C.E. will not alter

history, for history is in reality His Story.

This Christmas may we honor  the Christ of History

–the Author of Christmas when God wrote His

Love story to mankind (John 3:16) and gave us an

Opportunity and a privilege to become citizens of

His Heavenly Kingdom. (I Peter 1:3-05).


“God…has begotten us…to an inheritance incorruptible  and

Undefiled…reserved in Heaven for you.  (I Peter 1:3-04)


A Blessed Christmas to everyone, and a Hope-filled,

Peaceful, and grace-laden 2012 to all! Cheers : )


2 comments on “Season Of Hope And Cheer”

  1. Every best wish to you and yours, for Christmas and beyond,

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