A Poem for Mary (From Luke 1:26-38)


“But I’m a virgin! How can that be?”

Nine months of awkward explanations

Greatly troubled and afraid from the tidings

Of annunciations by the angel of the Most High

Whose kingdom come will never end

That would begin within thy sacred womb!

You faced the prospect of certain death

By stoning fit for an adulteress!

A young Jewish maiden—half child-half woman

Still but with pure and brave heart accepting

Your fate, humbly enduring the growing Christ

Within with great joy and with great pain!

You embraced your fate and received Jesus

On His own terms regardless of the personal

Cost and the humiliating circumstance

The Son of God chose to be born as man.

You were the Lord’s perfect servant.

Blessed are you amongst women

And the many more generations of Eve to come!

2 comments on “A Poem for Mary (From Luke 1:26-38)”

  1. A really nice poem and so inspiring for women. I love the picture too.

  2. Thank you. women-heroines’ inspiring lives will always have a special nook in my poetry journal and within my heart. i took this picture at the Chapel of the Annunciation during my travel to the Holy Land and the Mediterranean.

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