Bring Some of the Fish You’ve Caught (From John 21: 1-19)

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Nov 20 2011

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Category: Visions


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So many years have gone by, so many nights

Since I started to go fishing by myself

Where I caught nothing–nothing at all

That could satisfy my hunger.

I was tired and almost ready to pull up my net

And toss it back into the board

And simply go back home very hungry and tired,

I muttered to myself

I will not fish again.

And then I heard a voice tell me “Throw out your

net once more, Dear Child, give it another try!

But do it my way–the right way!” so I obeyed!

I pulled the net with all my might!

I pulled and pulled but there was overload!

I called my friends I was overjoyed

For the bountiful harvest seemed good to behold!

There were small fish, medium-sized fish

But mostly large fish to be divided and shared.

Our stomachs were churning,

Our saliva with excitement was drooling

To satisfy our tastebuds

As soon as we get home!

When we got to the shore

Lo and behold who would be there?

But the man who ordered me to throw back my net

And how to fish the right way.

He anticipated my hunger for He already had

Warm breakfast waiting–

Loaves of bread and a couple of fish

Freshly broiled over live charcoal

“Bring out some of the fish you’ve caught”, He said!

“We’ll cook together the fish of your choice!”

We had fun and laughter as we breakfast together.

He taught us lessons how to become

Good fishermen, to obey His steps

And follow in His way,

For if we do we would never miss

Every step of our way, anytime, anyday.

So until today

I still go out fishing, never forgetting

The lessons He had taught very well.

I know that one day

He would meet me again

On that Beautiful Shore

To bring out some more of the fish I’ve caught,

Eagerly anticipating with excitement

His next invitation

“Come, and we’ll have breakfast together, My Child”.


7 comments on “Bring Some of the Fish You’ve Caught (From John 21: 1-19)”

  1. Inspirational…well done

  2. What a lovely picture.

    As a Buddhist I can’t be pleased at a tale of catching fish, but I think the poem is good anyway.

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