The Day We Buried Our Mom (for Luz M. Katon, 1916-1999)

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Nov 17 2011

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Category: Death, Love, My Poems and Garden


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

Her casket is metallic gold, a vermillion-red

lipstick her favorite shade by Paloma Picasso

applied daintily on her thin aristocratic lips.


she chose the emerald-green Spanish mestiza

gown (with full instruction to the caretaker) – the

one with tiny tear-like pearl beads accenting the

upper bodice.


has been wearing it on special occasions.

At Hotel Asturias on a special dinner banquet

with a pastor of a congregation wooing her

for a prime piece of property with a beach fronting

the city’s bay. And on an awards ceremony for the

province’s Most Distinguished Educators – a title

she wore with quiet dignity just like when she

was one of the country’s best sometime in 1965.

I pinned

the pearl brooch on her lapel to match the

pearl-drop earrings she was asking me for her

birthday two summers back when she was not

yet stricken half-paralyzed and blinded by stroke.

They were

also my favorite pair I didn’t part with earlier when

she could still have enjoyed wearing them. Now

they hold no more meanings for her and only

painful past remembrances for me.

That day,

she was lovely in her emerald-green Spanish

mestiza gown, with a still subdued crease on her

brows and a small naughty smile on her thin,

aristocratic lips…the way she always looked some

23 years ago at breakfast-time with dad.

4 comments on “The Day We Buried Our Mom (for Luz M. Katon, 1916-1999)”

  1. Oh, such beautiful words.

  2. I want to share a poem with you. I wrote it more than four years ago.

    When light slices chaos
    see the difference of
    what comes next.

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