The Silence of Adam

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Nov 09 2011

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Category: The Fall of Man


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

                                                you didn't
                                              wear many hats
                                             then, you
                            how to      hide,        but you
                         adorned your   hair       with flowers
                       your husband named each one well. A woman
                    of perfect beauty, you were the Serpent's object of
                    envy, he made a long range plan to seduce you, and
                  disguised himself as a clever mentor worthier than your
                good God in paradise. He was an excellent conversationalist
               this honey-tongued Serpent, better than your lousy companion
               Adam  who chose to remain silent when he should have spoken
              when the Serpent beguiled you to bite into that forbidden fruit
              of knowing-so beautiful to look at, so delicious and juicy, you
              didn't see through his devilish cunning. Adam said nothing! He
                 stood and watched the whole thing and even ate of the
              forbidden thing and...failed you-his woman, failed his God of
               truth and exact justice, and us his offspring! Eve, you and
                 Adam were charged with disobedience, a crime of serious
                   rebellion! From then on, everything went wrong just
                   because  Adam  forgot God's  command and remained
                    awfully silent.The Serpent had scored very well
                     and keeps winning Victories to this day!It is
                         time for you to recover your voice and
                             your God-ordained manhood, to
                              listen and speak and obey...
                                  Once            more!

8 comments on “The Silence of Adam”

  1. I love the layout – what a good idea.

  2. Lovely structure and great piece of writing. I can’t imagien how you managed to get it into an apple shape, but it adds another dimension to the poem. Nice…

  3. amazing wisdom, i never thought about this episode from this angle. its true, very true. beautifully written and fabulously displayed- you are an amazing, wise writer and artist.

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