Outcast Star Zooms Out of Milky Way ( A Replay )

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Oct 19 2011

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Category: Love, My Poems and Garden


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000


You are the first-ever escapee

Seen by earth’s astronomers 2/08/05 Tuesday

Zooming fast out of Milky Way Galaxy

At 2.4 million+ kph velocity!


So they called you an Outcast Star,

A  bereft erstwhile companion of a Lady Star

Waltzing together back home, twirling,

Fox-trotting yourselves faster and unknowingly

Closer to the edge of the dance floor where

Mr. Black Hole-the Monster that pulls and devours

Awaits Little moons and planets and unsuspecting

Star-struck lovers like you (especially)!


One dangerous whirl caught your Lady

A-twirling into the Monster’s fatal embrace!

Gone instantly with no trace of her wild perfume,

Glittering tiara, bright laughter and all!


Aware and suddenly alone you zoom

Out of danger zone as fast as you can!

Exiting towards the intergalactic unknown

180,000 light years from my view-deck salon

Mourning disconsolately for your

Lady Love’s demise!

In the black loneliness of space,

An Outcast Star you are not

But an empyreal Survivor!

8 comments on “Outcast Star Zooms Out of Milky Way ( A Replay )”

  1. here is a poem not often seen writing with imagination and so unique dance and astronomy for all to see what a beautiful piece of pure poetry. from kevin to cynthia you have stepped up to a greater level with this one and excelled to new high its briilaint abosultely brilliant poem. if you dont mind i will write this one down on paper and show it to some people at a poetry meeting next time i go as iam really sure they will appreciate this and will give them a great talking point. from kevin well done

  2. I love the sound of “outcast star” – very fitting image!

  3. This is lovely. Thank you for posting it.

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