Almost Valentine’s ( For Fools and Lovers )

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Oct 17 2011

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Category: Love, My Poems and Garden


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60


Singles mingle

Looking for suitable mates

They can display

On Valentine’s Day.

Chocolates and cookies

Champagne and roses

Candlelight dinner

And sweet romantic music

Purvey flavorful props to the moment.

What comes next isn’t easy

Because love is anything but easy.

When you fall in love

You become trapped in an enchanted

Pit of mellifluous sweetness,

You begin and end your days with

Thoughts of the beloved,

You only spin around the galaxy of the one

You desire and cherish,

You are ensnared and chained by the strongest

Bonds of pleasant impact,

You are intoxicated,  happily lost

In the intensity of its sweet divinity.

When you are in this sweet bondage

Savor the moments while you may

Discover the mystery that lies ahead

And be thrilled!  Pray

It would last forever and a day!

But never forget yourself

Hold on to dear self—

That piece of self you had

Before you got entrapped!

Why?  Because I told you love isn’t gonna be easy,

In the end, when you wake up from that

Sweet  dreamy stupor you will discover

That the only thing real is yourself.

Ask me ‘coz I’ve been there!

9 comments on “Almost Valentine’s ( For Fools and Lovers )”

  1. ah now we are talking my kind of poetry that why i called mine blog 4 valentines becuase i like romantic words really enjoyed your poem Cynthia

  2. Ah, the many facets of love! You were kind enough to comment on one of my poems about another subject (war). Your comment drew me this poem of yours, which I enjoyed reading (not to mention the beautiful photograph). If you check out the “Love” cloud in my blog you might find some pieces that you like. It would be nice for me to kave repaid you for “Almost Valentine’s”. Meanwhile, I shall be exploring “Seasons and Impressions” and reflecting on what a wonderful engine WordPress is; as my wife said today:”We used to meet people within a five mile radius. Now we are meeting people from the other side of the world!” (She had just found out that her sister has e-mailed some of her (my wife’s) drawings to a friend in Australia.) And she thinks your flower photos are amazing, by the way.

    • Hi Ben!
      Thank you Ben for your nice comment, i’m from the Philippines where my family and i concern ourselves with environmental protection and preservation of endangered tropical plant species. All the flower photographs that complement my poems come from our own garden. You can view our collection at. I wish you all the best!

  3. “Trapped in an enchanted pit” — yes that captures it I think. I like your words Cynthia.

  4. Ok with me, thanks for the info and for appreciating my work.

  5. Your collection of poems and photographs touch one’s inner sanctum of emotion. It is not a small feat, appreciated by people of faraway places and of different culture. This will only prove that art like poetry and photography is a universal medium.

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