The Glory of the Grass

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Jul 29 2011

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Category: My Poems and Garden

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

What does it matter when you cut or mow the grass?
Would its life cycle end when you throw away its cuttings into a bin?
Or burn in the oven before the “Clean Air Act” came into being?

The grass too breathes and lives and flourishes most
In late spring til midsummer season.
I do suspect it also has its own dreams
When it grows wild and thick and curls its blades
To await the wet kisses of early morning mist,
And yearns expectantly for late evening’s enlivening dew.
It recites its prayers and sings praises
No human ears could hear, more so when
The Great Gardener releases heaven’s monsoon rain
Where its roots take its fill
At Mother Earth’s succulent breasts.

What does it matter each time I look at my garden
And stand amazed at its tenacity
Like an unyielding watchdog guarding zealously
Its own territory?
Yet, it shares the soil with the rosebushes and the daisies,
The gladioli and the liliaciae laughing in the sun,
Twisting, dancing, and swirling in the wind.

What does it matter when we tread and trot on it?
Trample and rumble on it? Or long ago as young lovers
Lie down on its velvety lawn cherishing the beloved
Looking up wistfully at the cotton-candy clouds above
Whispering sweet-nothings, exchanging kisses and promises
Then later white lies when the erring heart runs amiss?
But then the grass never lies as we humans do.
It is patient and enduring, persistent and determined,
Lives a simple life, choosing only one color–a refreshing green for its garment.
It is self-sacrificing, feeding the grasshoppers, the sheep, the goats,
The rabbits and all bovine, always generous
With its second and third servings or until supply lasts!
It is always cool and graceful, unfettered and tenacious but never clumsy.
Its mission? To Clothe the Earth
More importantly, it spells L-I-F-E!
So what does it matter?
Matter, it does of course!
It does!


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