My Poems and My Garden

By: Cynthia Ann Katon-Alfonso

Jun 16 2011

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to my God who had sustained me throughout all  the seasons in my life,

to my family, especially my children Sarah Katherine and Karlo who hold dearly the memories that cling to me through times and changes,

and in memory of my parents Luz Mediavillo and Remigio A. Katon for all they had been to me.



Cynthia Alfonso’s poems are songs of love from the soul. Her theme is inspiring: the seasons of one’s life are best journeyed through when there is acceptance of what is and what cannot be. Her poems are light, airy and wistful in one season, achingly sorrowful in another, profound in yet another. In all, we are led to be resilient, passionate in our belief to not stop loving. If you know Cynthia as well as I do, you will know how her poetry reflects her life and devotion to the art of life.

Paz Aurora K. Duff


Good Samaritan Ministries, Philippines

Cynthia Ann has a way of mixing language and emotions, raw in its purest form, resulting in a genre that I would call – GENRE OF HEART AND SPIRIT. She echoes the language of our hearts and its different episodes as we journey through life.

May the gracious Lord continue to inspire her to courageously speak and write the seasons of our life, and may God bless her as always.

Reverend Agustin “Gus” Lising

Pastor Emeritus

Word Community Church, Philippines

Sister Cynthia, through her impressions of the seasons in her own life compels us to take a look at our own voyage. In her journey, she allows herself to be present as only the brave would, to greet every changing season with the eyes of a learner. She embraces both the bitter and the sweet, and pays attention to their voices.

Her courage and strength come from the God whom she loves and from the love of those around her.

Endowed with the gift of noticing and the eloquence in speaking the language of the heart, she weaves a beautifully crafted fabric that would be a useful companion in the sweltering heat and the numbing cold of our life’s journey.

Pastor Salvador “Dong” Sarmiento

Word Community Church-East,

Rizal, Philippines


One comment on “My Poems and My Garden”

  1. Cynthia last night i nominated you for the “HUG” award! that i received from Steph at “Certainly Not Lost Down Under”. Because of your spirit and your heart and your love of mother earth, mother nature, our fellow human beings i did it! You are a very inspiring woman who i am very grateful and humble to know…who i may call my sister! Thanks for all that you do! I am honored to give you this “HUG”!

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